Are you ready to explore innovative and revolutionary acoustic

realms for a healthier and more comfortable future that awaken our senses?

Are you ready to explore innovative and revolutionary acoustic

realms for a healthier and more comfortable future that awaken our senses?

Embark with us to uncover new opportunities that will alter the waywe experience sound through the integration of our SIISMAT technology into our diverse application solutions. Tomorrow, we invent new lifestyles with sensory acoustics made in France.

The challenges

As explorers, we are acutely aware of the problems we must solve. We are subject to an increase in noise pollution that assaults our senses and can influence our emotions. The demand for high-quality acoustic and sound solutions in the sectors of ecology, health, transportation, urban spaces, construction, and aquatic environments is burgeoning. Because today, producing responsibly and innovatively for our society and the environment is imperative.

The solutions

We are developing innovative, immersive, and aesthetically pleasing sound proofing and sound system solutions to broaden the horizon of possibilities. We have designed innovative modular acoustic correction systems, such as the Acoumodule® patent, and most importantly, the cutting-edge SIISMAT technology, whichis the crown jewel of our solutions for intelligently and autonomously broad casting sound or reducing noise pollution through the acoustic vibration of materials.

The benefits

Our solutions provide enhanced sound quality, improve aesthetics, and significantly protect against noise pollution. Our discoveries are beneficial for individual well-being as well as for the environment. We have already worked with clients such as Renault, Rieter, the Accor group, La Montagne, and we are continually exploring new solutions to expand our market. Our patented SIISMAT innovation applies to an exponentially growing number of fields. Its principle, based on sound proofing and invisible sound systems through the acoustic vibration of materials, allows for the integration of all sensory interactions to design high-quality concrete products and applications that transform your living spaces into havens of sonic well-being. Applied to the environmental domain, SIISMAT technology also promotes the pollination of bees. But that’s not all, as it contributes to the protection of agricultural crops by warding off peststhat destroy them.
We are determined to explore new horizons. Tomorrow, these experimental fields will offer a new way of living thatis more harmonious and prosperous for both the environment and humanity.

The team

To steer our ship, we have assembled a team of experts in R&D, finance, and marketing, all of whom are passionate and have extensive industrial experience. We are ready to take on numerous challenges to shape a bright future filled with opportunities! The experience of our team in the acoustics sectoris significant, with several decades of combined experience. We have worked with clients such as Renault, Rieter, the Accor group, La Montagne, and are in partnership with the Trêves group, which attests to our expertise and credibility in the market.

The Growth Plan

We have embarked on a human and scientific adventure to uncover the treasures of a universe that was little explored before.

In 2022, wefocused on finalizing our crown jewel: SIISMAT technology! In 2023, our growth plan is finally ready to conquer a new world of opportunities. The kick off will be given at the Vivatech show in June 2023! We want to expand our portfolio of products and services to meet the needs of players in ecology, health, transportation, construction, and aquatic environments. We also plan to create an institute of excellence for post-training in sensory acoustics to always be at the forefront of research, applied innovation, and the intergenerational transmission of knowledge and know-how.


Information for investors

We are excited to introduce you to Acoudesign, which develop scutting-edge technologies in the field of sensory acoustics. Our very wide range of applications allows you to benefit from innovative and high-performance solutions in various industrial sectors. Our talented and dedicated team is ready to answer your questions about our company, our solutions… We are convinced that we have all the assets to meet your expectations and offer you long-term benefits. Do not hesitate to ask us for an interview to discover our company and it sopportunities in more detail.