Your pool with integrated underwater dance floor option!

Transform your pool into a real relaxation area with SIISMAT!

At Acoudesign, we understand that building a public or private pool is not just about creating a simple basin, but about shaping a place to share unique and collective moments. By integrating our SIISMAT technology into your pools, you can now enjoy an immersive and crystal clear musical experience, underwater or outside of the water as if you were wearing headphones.

Whetherit’s to give instructions to beginner swimmers, secure your pools with information, or simply to liven up your swimming area with high-quality musical diffusion, our technology easily integrates into your pool, whetherit’s already built or under construction, without the need to drill the walls.

Vibrate to the rhythm of your favorite music, have fun trying synchronized swimming, and create unforgettable memories with your friends and family!