The whisper of silence is blowing through your ducts!

Experience a breath taking auditory sensation without loss of airflow. Has it ever been the case that your customers are bothered by unpleasant air conditioning or ventilation noises in their sleep? Have you ever been disturbed by the constant drone of their engines during a business meeting? And have you ever been upset by the racket of poorly designed or incorrectly installed air ducts? These noises can vary in intensity, but they can beloud enough to beseen as disruptive, even distracting from concentration and sleep.

Our R&D teams will guide you on the roadmap for integrating SIISMAT into your own application systems. Thus, noise nuisance control is custom-made for your installations without loss of ducts or deterioration. Reintroduce a quality sound environment. Transform your spaces and your neighbor hood’sinto an acoustic cocoon.

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