The Home cinema by Acoudesign, the ultimate frontier of auditory illusion!

Today’s world of cinematic entertainment offers the experience of spatialization as one of the best cinema experiences. It is clear that up to this day… What if the secret of a truly disruptive immersive experience was in sensory acoustics?

Acoudesign offers to streng then the immersive sensation of home cinema by integrating SIISMAT technology into your space. Installed on the supports chosen to diffuse the sound, you explore thanks to the acoustic vibration of the materials that make up your interior a new palette of immersive sensations. Our invisible sound diffusion system deceives your senses and your brain to further enhance the immersive aspect.

With SIISMAT, your brain having no visual reference to determine the source of sound, it is unable to tell the difference between real and fabricated sound.

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