SIISMAT at the Service of Health (project under development)

What if the prevention of bedsores became simple and comfortable? Envision medical staff unburdened and able to focus on other tasks while establishing a closer bond with bedsores-afflicted patients. Imagine patients finally being autonomous and availing greater comfort. This is precisely what we seek to revolutionize with our cutting-edge approach to the treatment of bedsores through vibrations. At present, the prevention and treatment of bedsores are anything but pleasant for all parties involved. Although medical practitioners have techniques at their disposal to assist patients, it necessitate scopious time-consuming, exhausting, and exceedingly costly manipulations. On the other hand, despite the good will and commitment of medical staff, current treatments are often uncomfortable, even painful. Further more, bed ridden patients frequently struggle to communicate effectively with care giving staff in the absence of their physical presence. Our patented system amalgamates two innovative approaches to create an optimal care environment for bedridden patients:

Relief of Bedsores:

Throughour SIISMAT device, we prevent and alleviate bedsores via lumbar massage and stimulation of blood circulation through specifically programmed vibrations.

Communication and Intimacy:

Our interactive communication system, tailored for hospitals and clinics, enables bedridden patients to effortlessly stay connected with healthcare staff. Through the utilization of antibacterial partitions combined with SIISMAT for autonomous acoustic harmonization, patients can communicate with external operators via a microphone integrated into the headboard.

Contact us now to uncover new horizons in the medical domain. By opting for our solution, your healthcare establishments can at last invest in a technology that promotes comfort and treatment for patients. Take your first steps into a new world where the experience of your bedridden patients and staff will never be the same!