E-Kube, Acoustic Squared in Your Living Space

A fresh addition to Acoudesign’s family of connected objects, E-Kube, is available in three sizes.

This new product embodies our very vision: innovation, responsibility, aesthetics, and multifunctionality! It’s ground breaking as the buyer takes the helm in deciding its purpose! It’s multifunctional as it also streams your favorite tunes with the embedded SIISMAT technology. Place it wherever, and it can also emanate light! Here are a few examples of possible applications: bedside table, stool, cutting-edge and stylish flower pot, hanging storage…

It’s aesthetically pleasing, as its design renders it unobtrusive, effort lessly integrating into virtually any setting! It’s responsible, for even if you no longer utilize it for its original purpose, another function is waiting in the wings. So, there’s no need to part with it any timesoon as it perpetually serves a purpose.
Allow your imagination to traverse the myriad of possibilities and experiences with E-Kube!

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