Crop Protection (project under development)

Shielding our crops and environmentis paramount in the face of climate change, water scarcity, and the degradation of fertile land challenges. At Acoudesign, we are committed to blazing new trails by offering innovative solutions that are mindful of the ecosystem. We have developed Siismat, aground-breaking technology to control and generate acoustic vibrations to combat pests that ravage crops. Our solution hinges on the use of vibrating bands encircling crops, combined with our Siismat system.

By activating these bands, SIISMAT disseminates a sound wave that disrupts the communication and reproduction of pests while minimizing environmental impacts. Take, for example, the leaf hoppers in vineyards, which reproduce and communicate through vibrations. With SIISMAT, we curtail their reproduction and shieldcrops by interfering with vibrational signals. By embracing this revolutionary approach, farmers can at last offer crops protected against pests while preserving the environment and the yield of their harvest.

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