Connected Furniture

Shaped by our SIISMAT technology, sound diffusion through acoustic vibration of materials is integrated into a plethora of mediums. Imagine, for instance, metamorphosing your shower into an unprecedented musical experience that stirs your senses!

Water cascades gently as an enveloping sonic embrace emanates to orchestrate your shower. Subsequently, your mirror takes the baton to stream your music as you brush your teeth! Then, listen to the news broadcasted by your counter top or kitchen island before setting off to work. In the evening, recline as you are lulled by music emanating from your headboard or nightstands!

Whether you’re in the realm of hospitality, event management, commercial or residential construction, you can sculpt a novel world of senses with sensory acoustics and proffer a ground breaking emotional and musical experience! The integration of SIISMAT technology is bounded only by your imagination!

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