Acoumodule : Innovative solution for acoustically correcting your spaces

The open plan office is “like” an urban jungle, where each colleagueis a different creature, cohabiting and moving in a dense and busy environment. The conversations and interactions between colleagues are the noises of your jungle, like the calls of birds, the roar of predators, and the rustle of leaves. Everyone needs to find their own space, while being part of this collaborative and lively ecosystem. Efficiency in this urban jungle requires adaptation and creativity to navigate between work areas, rest areas, and information sources, all while maintaining harmony and productivity. Acoudesign’s R&D teams have designed the Acoumodules. By integrating SIISMAT technology with passive sound control materials, they shield your colleagues from unwanted noises, echo effect, and reverberation. They thus create a more pleasant and productive sound environment.
Employees can there forework under optimal sound conditions, enhancing their well-being and productivity. Acoumodule can be adapted to almost all environments: offices, open spaces, and also public places like lobbies, restaurants, music rooms, control rooms, etc. They can bequickly and effectively installed on vertical surfaces. The size and aesthetics can be customized to meet the specific needs of your location. Our integration team is at your disposal to study the best way to arrange the Acoumodules in your living spaces.

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